David Charles Ebert
writer | actor | director | hot dad



I’m David Ebert. I make television, film, and commercials. There are only two reasons you’re reading this:

#1: You’ve seen me in something and hunted me down to tell me you’re sick of my face.

#2: You’re considering hiring me for a job and are combing through this site for proof that I can do whatever it was I said I can do.

To that first group, I feel you, I have to live with my face everyday. To the second group;  whatever I said I can do, I can!

Over my career I’ve worked on and off screen for networks and agencies. My roles have included writer, performer, director, producer, creative director, art director, illustrator, animator, and, for a brief and tragic period, freestyle rapper. My client list includes Netflix, NBC, CBS, MTV, TBS, TruTV, AT&T, Verizon, GEICO, M&Ms, Bud Light, Jose Cuervo, and countless more. My most recent baby is Ghost Story Club, a series I created, wrote, executive produced, and starred in for TruTV’s Late Night Snack. Please take your time on my website and enjoy yourself.