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David Ebert.

 David is an actor, comedian, and writer.

You can watch him perform live at the Upright Citizens Brigade with the sketch team One Idiot, or catch him doing standup just about anywhere that lets him. You can see him perform not live on MTV's Joking Off and MTV2's Guy Code vs. Girl Code.

If you turn on your tv and wait a little while a commercial he's in will probably come on. Please take your time on this website.
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David hosts a live comedy show where he'll drink too much and say something nice about you.

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guy code

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Here are some commercials David is in.

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Sketch Comedy

Every month David performs sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's with his sketch team, One Idiot.
Check out some of his favorite sketches here.

Shane & Dave

Shane and Dave is a web series about two grown adult men failing to act like grown adult men.
Also they live in Queens.


Here are some TV & Web spots David is in.


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