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Snap Impressions live!

Snap Impression is a gameshow podcast that pits comedians against each other to see who can do the best off-the-cuff impressions of celebrities, fictional characters and historical personages. And now it's a live show! Expect fun, weirdness and more impressions than you can shake multiple sticks at!

Hosted by Andy Beckerman (The Pete Holmes Show, Beginnings Podcast) and Ramsey Ess (Ramsey Has a Time Machine, The Internet (Various))!

Matteo Lane (GirlCode, GuyCode)
David Ebert (Guy Code, Master of None)
Brandon Scott Jones (Grandma's Ashes, ASSSSCAT 3000)
Sudi Green (SNL, Just for Laughs)

and special guest judge:
Amey Goerlich (Krompf, Indie Cagematch)

Buy tickets here: https://east.ucbtheatre.com/performance/39901