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Theme Party - UCB East

At UCB East!


You want a revolution? I want a revelation. So listen to my declaration: COME TO THIS SHOW. 

Theme Party presents: The Schuyler Sisters World Tour!

Three community theatre stars, Becky, Sudi and guest co-host Sam Reece, have taken it upon themselves to recreate bits from the smash musical "Hamilton" based on the cast recording and nothing else (if you guys hear of tickets, let us know). UCB's most obsessed comedians are going to give you the Hamilton sketch show you have not been asking for. 


North Coast (Time Out New York Critic's Pick)

Dave Ebert (MTV's Guy Code) and Krista Jensen (Refinery29, HelloGiggles)

Jonathan Braylock (Black Men Can't Jump)

Tessa Hersh (UCB's Female Gaze, Blank! The Musical)

Monique Moses (UCB's Astronomy Club)

Alise Morales (IFC's Comedy Crib)